Specialty Drumsticks

Play drums faster and quieter.

Keep acoustic drums alive

improve drumstick rebound

Playing acoustic musical instruments is not as popular as it has been in the past. Nowadays, with computers, you press a button and presto, you have a “drum” sound.

MooCowbell’s philosophy: to make drumming easier and to create unique sounds.

MooCowbell Split Nz are not for everyone. Heavy metal, drum lines… forget it.

Split Nz drumsticks are are used for playing quieter and faster – with finesse and grace.

Some people say Split Nz drumsticks fill the need between the stranded type of sticks and brushes, and old fashioned sticks. Not exactly true.

Though much quieter than drumsticks, Blasticks and Hot Rods don’t have much rebound.

Requiring THE Touch, wire brushes will rebound a bit more.


2B –     .625″ dia.    16 1/2″ length
not 2B –      .50″  dia.    16 1/2″ length
13 of Clubs –        2B  –     .625″ dia.     only 13 1/2″ long
13 of Clubs  –       not 2B –   .50″ dia.   only 13 1/2″ long

2Bs are 5dB quieter than VF SD1s
not 2Bs are 9dB quieter than VF SD1s

Watch Split Nz drumsticks demo

Watch comparison Split Nz vs. trad sticks

Split Nz vs. trad sticks

Improve drumstick rebound

Split Nz drumsticks magically bounce with shameless rebound.

MooCowbell Split Nz specialty drumsticks are handmade in California

It is our hope that Split Nz will encourage students to practice more and to gain an understanding of the stick.

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